Sunday, May 31, 2009


Need to buy something for someone
but not sure what they might want? Well
get a Gift Certificate from The Shack Out Back.
It will be a wonderful surprise for a friend that
loves fabulous finds.

Everyday is a good day for a sidewalk sale!
Take a look at our beautiful flowers and garden
when you stop by. It sure brightens up my day everytime
I see them. Nothing better than something to make you smile.
Life is filled with so many things to worry about and to have
something as simple as a flower to make you smile, then you
know life can't be that bad.

So as Zoe has told you I am back blogging. I hope you enjoy looking at some of our new finds.
The yellow hutch would make a nice touch in your kitchen or breakfast room. We decorated it with our blue and white collections but you know how well yellow goes with red, green or any other color. Also notice the navy luggage and cute little bench. Oh so many cute things.

Take a look at this cute dress. It makes me feel like dancing!

Here are a few more things we have added to the shop. Come by soon or you may miss your chance for some of these goodies.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hi I'm Zoe

My Mom is one of the Shack girls and she just
wanted me to let you know that she will be taking
more pictures of the new look in the Shack. She has
been busy and needs to make more time for this
blog. I will try to get her to take some pictures of me
in there. I have gone a couple of times and have
really enjoyed meeting all the kind shoppers. I'm
sure when I am not with her she brags about me.
I have 3 children from my 2 liters. My son, Hogan,
and daughter, Maggie are from my first liter 3 years
in April. My other daughter,Lilly ( or Scooter which
she is sometimes called) is from my second liter. Yes
there are 4 of us cute things in the house. So please
be patient with her and continue to visit the Shack
Out Back blog.
Love, Zoe

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thank you for visiting our Blog

We hope you enjoy our blog. We are just learning to do this.
It is loads of fun to add the picture and let you know what we are doing.
Be patient with us and we will soon get it down!
The Shack Girls

Get your card Stamped

The First Winner

Shanna was our first winner to spell SHACK on her card.
Everytime you come visit and buy something we stamp your card
When you spell the word SHACK you win a free gift. Its easy to
win. We were only open 3 weeks and our friend Shanna won.
(She does like to shop though)
So next time you come make sure you get your card stamped.

We look forward to you visit.

Victorian Oh Yes!!!

This area looks so inviting you just want to sit down with a cup of tea. The secretary under the window is a perfect touch to any room. If you notice in all the pictures we have lamps galore. We also have some very nice linens and pillows. Our shack may be small but as you see by the pictures we sure can fit alot of wonderful finds in the place.
We also have an area in the back that has wonderful yard art and fun stuff for gardening.